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Carefully examine the property:

Use our Renter's Inspection Checklist to guide yourself through the process of carefully examining the property. You should check to see if there is any damage to the apartment, as well as the rest of the building. Look for damages that affect the overall condition of the property, such as water damage to walls and ceilings, condition of window frames, and lighting in the parking lot…to name a few.

Make sure to fully understand the lease:

Before you make your decision to sign the dotted line, read the lease thoroughly until you completely understand the conditions. After reading it, if you do not agree with the lease conditions then you can discuss it with the landlord and try to come to a compromise. Remember that once you sign a lease, you have agreed to all conditions included in the lease!

Examine the building amenities:

It is a good idea to examine a buildings facilities before making your new home there. A building may have health facilities as one of their listed amenities but it might not be up to par with what your looking for. You should also ask about hours of operation or extra fees for anything that is of importance to you. Reading about a building is not sufficient, using your eyes is the most reliable way to find a home that suits you.

Use your potential neighbours for help:

A great way to learn about a property is to ask the people who already call it home. Knock on the door of your potential neighbours and ask them a few questions that are important to you. This is one of the most resourceful ways to get a feel for the buildings management, amenities, and overall quality.

Consider purchasing renters insurance:

Renter’s insurance will cover the cost of your losses due to theft or damage caused by others.

Maintain a friendly relationship with your landlord:

A friendly relationship with your landlord can be useful when service is needed to your apartment. If repairs are needed to your apartment put your request to the landlord in writing and keep a copy for your own use. A good relationship with your landlord could avoid nasty legal battles.

Be sure to understand the security deposit:

Make sure that you take pictures of the apartment before putting down the security deposit. These pictures should show any evidence of damage to the apartment before you moved in. Make sure you let the landlord know about the damages and the pictures will ensure that you will not be responsible for damages when you leave the apartment.

Familiarize yourself with the tenants organization:

A Tenants’ Association is a group of tenants who can be helpful in fighting security problems, rent increases, or repairs to your apartment. It is also to good way to become aware of your tenant rights and meet your neighbours and make some friends along the way.

Have your personal information ready when you meet the landlord:

Be sure to have the following information when meeting your potential landlord: A completed rental application, documented references from landlords, employers or even friends and a copy of a current credit report.



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