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20 Yellowknife Apartments For Rent

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Your Guide to Yellowknife Apartments
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is the capital city of the province and has a small and ethnically diverse population. Yellowknife is located on Great Slave Lake and is near the Yellowknife River. If you're relocating to Yellowknife, this guide can give you some information about the city and about Yellowknife apartment rentals.

Yellowknife Attractions
From outdoor activities to festivals, Yellowknife can offer unique experiences to those renting Yellowknife apartments. Some of Yellowknife's community festivals include the Yellowknife International Airshow, Snow King Winter Festival, and Aboriginal Day. The Longest Day of the Year, Raven Mad Daze brings residents into the streets for food, shopping, and live bands. The city's many walking trails like the Frame Lake Walking Trail allow you to enjoy nature and great views of the waterfront. Tour the Legislative Assembly or Diavik Diamond Display for an educational experience. If you decide want a vacation while renting a Yellowknife apartment, the Yellowknife Airport can get you where you want to be.

Yellowknife Economy and Employment
As the largest city in the province, Yellowknife is the economic center of the province. If you rent a Yellowknife apartment, you'll have job opportunities in mining, government, education, transportation, communications, and tourism. The most recent industry is diamond mining, and there are two operating mines in the city. Federal and territorial government positions employ a large percentage of residents. Trucking companies and the diamond industry are also significant employers. The Northern Lights draw many tourists each year, which provides jobs in the service and hospitality sectors.

Where to Live in Yellowknife
Yellowknife has several neighborhoods in which you can find Yellowknife apartments and homes for rent. High-rise Yellowknife apartments can be found downtown in the commercial center, while more suburban neighborhoods like Old Town, Frame Lake, and Range Lake have a higher percentage of single family residences. Niven Lake is undergoing some development, so you might be able to find a good deal on a Yellowknife apartment in this area. 
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